Discover one of the World’s Largest Collection of Vintage Newspapers

Vintage newspapers are similar to peeks to History with a mark of authenticity. The bygone periods can be recalled vividly via vintage newspapers and as opposed to the digital references, they inspire awe and reverence to historical periods owing to their perishable and therefore, rare nature. Though it is possible to retain the found publications using digital formats, the original newspaper snippets give a tactile sense to the splendor of the golden historical times.

The collections at Conferro Heritae include curated archives of vintage newspapers and publications, which are chronologically ordered added by sorting on basis of the respective significances. This binds the collected lot in a diverse geographical and cultural landscape, with historical periods and events as common threads. One of the largest collectors of vintage newspapers, Conferro conscientiously helps to preserve the historical archives as oracles of the past.

Enter into one of the World’s Rarest and Diverse Collection of Vintage Advertisements

A “Vintage Advertisement” normally refers to items that are at least twenty-five years old and especially the advertisements from 1950’s and 60’s are the most pleasing of all. It had an incredible typography and layout which attracted the attention of every individual. These appealing vintage retro advertisements have come back to place recently with its nostalgic and historical value. Most of the artists or the advertising people like to use the vintage classic items because of its extraordinary visuals and aesthetic creativity. The people are using these vintage advertisements for business as well as for decorations. In today’s advertisements, the value retro ads play is because of its brand name, rarity of print, brands aim an approach and its historical importance. Some of the most famous categories of vintage advertisement are cars, alcohol brands, watches, beauty products etc.

Get Access to the One of the World’s Rarest and Oldest Collection of Books

With books turning obsolete to the e-books, the vintage books are getting rare in the run for favorite reads. Nevertheless, the vintage books have an essence which the fresh, newly printed books do not possess. Some of them being limited edition copies, having less than 25,000 reprints, are coined as rare artifacts. Many of the rare vintage books narrate paramount historical tales or are prized collections of the past. A large number of Vintage books consist of Exotic Paper and unique cover and binding designs. Many books were printed at a special place with a special period in history and quite a few of them, inscribed by revered people in history.

Conferro provides access to some of the finest copies of vintage book publications with one of the largest collections to Urdu, Arabic and Persian collectible books. The collection consists of very rare inscriptions and books turned into prized and curated collections for collectors.

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