Avinash pise

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I am an “Artist” that uses Watercolor, Oil colors & Acrylic colors. Especially watercolor uses as a medium of expressions based in India. My watercolors are about Dreamy Landscapes, Abstracts & Indian culture. I look around and I am amazed… Amazed and awestruck by the most stunning masterpiece ever created- Nature. It is not just a source of inspiration but an artist’s paradise. I have embraced it with all my heart and have admired it through my paintings. These abstract artworks are my way of expressing my love for nature through the colours of my imagination and creativity. I have portrayed how I see nature, not with my eyes but with my mind and heart. My painting is all about light and how we see it and react to it. It is what drives artists on. It is why most of us paint. Yet light can be as elusive as a wisp of smoke as we try to capture it in all its many moods. My brush is never still. ​For me, painting is as much a part of the day as eating and sleeping.

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