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Shekhar Roy

SEKHAR ROY (1973) West Bengal, India EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor degree in Commerce from City College of Mirzapur, Calcutta University SOLO


Sanober Shah

I (Snoberjeelani shah) am Srinagar based artist born in 1998 , currently pursuing my bachelor’s in painting from Kashmir University.


Mrinal Dutt

Born-25 April 1991. Birth Place-Kadi village,Gujarat. I completed my schooling from Asia English School and achieved graduation degree from Kalol


Avinash pise

I am an “Artist” that uses Watercolor, Oil colors & Acrylic colors. Especially watercolor uses as a medium of expressions


Amit Kalla

Amit Kalla born 7 February 1980 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, did Masters in Art and Aesthetics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New


Abdul Qadir

Born and brought-up in Indore, Abdul Qadir is a self-taught artist. His works are a representation of powerful and vigorous

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